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People have often asked me, “When is the right time to buy? Will prices come down any further?” So I take this opportunity to address these constant questions for investors out there. Firstly, the right time to buy has always been now! It just depends on what you’re looking for and based on current market conditions, there are good offers out there for people to choose. After MCO, prices for certain sectors may return to normal hence all these special offers may have ended. Secondly, prices of properties always vary depending on their designs, sizes, finishing, fittings and most importantly LOCATION. People should seek professional advice from proper Registered Estate Agents to better understand these factors before they invest.  Get the right advice from the right source. There are too many so called “property expert/agent” or “Property Guru” out there at the moment. So please be careful whom you consult.

Investors should ask themselves the following before they invest into any properties:

  1. Investors must be clear on what they want to buy and how much is their budget.
  2. They should focus on finding the location that attracts them most. Everyone have locations which they personally prefer for one reason or another. But does this property in this location make commercial sense?
  3. They must know the types of property they are buying; i.e. Landed, strata unit, commercial, residential, etc. Demand and Supply in relation to that locality. Get proper advise. Potential ROI.
  4. What is their investment plan? Mid term or long term? Exit strategy.
  5. Who shall be their targeted rental market? Example young, mature, student market, business or industrial.

Let me introduce you Kuching Best Home Package properties which are located along Jalan Batu Kawa. You will see why we say Now is the time to buy into this project. Batu Kawa has long being considered by some as a secondary neighborhood when compared to other neighborhood like Tabuan Jaya and Green Heights.  However, those who have been living in Batu Kawa or Stapok areas do appreciate what Batu Kawa has to offer. Jalan Batu Kawa has improved tremendously.  It is also surrounded by large commercial community such as E Mart Shopping Mall, MJC Commercial Center and the up coming commercial shops by Lee Onn available to serve the community. They also have great road access to Jalan Arang, Jalan Stapok, Matang Area, etc. Furthermore there are several new neighboring projects approved which will enhance the commercial market of Batu Kawa.  This area is also well connected to schools and it is only about 20 minutes drive to Kuching City area.

Our project comprises apartment units with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with sizes ranging between 1150 to 1230 sq ft for each unit.  Perfect sizes for small families or for retirees wanting to downsize into a more manageable property whereby they can lock up and go anytime. They want to have that peace of mind that their apartment will be in secure hands while they travel to see the world or visit their children based overseas.

On the flip side, these apartments are also perfect for young property investors looking to venture into acquiring affordable properties to built their property rental income portfolio. Such sized apartments are always a good place to start because they are affordable and easier to manage. Platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com and Agoda now offers landlords an avenue to host their properties based on short term stay.  These platforms also offers many holiday makers the ability to book a unit for their holidays instead of staying in hospitals. Many people like the choose such cheaper accommodations when they do not use common facilities provided by hotels. The competitive room rates per night helps to push up Airbnb bookings when therefore increases rental income for many investors.

Kuching Best Home Packages offers 3 bedrooms apartments that comes with 2 bathrooms and built over 1,150 to 1,230 sq ft at a booking fee of only RM1,000 per unit. Buyers can choose apartments which are bare units so that they can design the interior on their own or to buy semi furnished or fully furnished units and move in with very little furnishings. With our special offers, investors can possibly achieve ROI of about 5% to about 6.5% per year even under this economic climate. No doubt there are slightly more costs involved in routine cleaning up and maintenance. But overall it is still worth it.

All those fittings and furniture can be yours after payment of as low as RM5,000 to RM75,000 depending on the layout. But there are limited units available, so hurry up.

Furthermore, developers are waiving service charges for a period of 2 years to all new buyers of Kuching Best Home Package. When you buy under Kuching Best Home Package, you will stand to stand to win our Grand Prize which is a BMW 3 Series Luxury Sedan.  If you need additional car parking spot, we will be allocating one additional car parking space to you for as little as RM15,000 instead of the original amount of RM30,000 per bay. These are all the benefits investors get to enjoy and will only last for a short period of time. Now is your chance to capture a unit and wait for the right time for capital gains before putting the property up for sake. Meanwhile just hang in there and enjoy the rental return for this property.



Kenneth Wong

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